Review: Login, Signup, Apk Exchange, Legit or a Scam Review: is a cryptocurrency investment platform and also an exchange platform where users can buy and sell crypto coins such as usdt, btc, Bus and many more. In this post we have reviewed how the exchange platform works, how to create an account, log in, and how you can trade your favourite coin using the super app.

We also discuss how legit the app is and how you can make extra money when trading on the app. Review is a crypto app.

Also read: Review: Is It Legit or Scam is not a scam. It’s an exchange where you can buy and sell using your favourite crypto coin. You can also invest on the platform and make extra cash daily. Always invest wisely. sign up, login & Apk Download

To create an account with them, visit their website and download the app. Signup up with your details and log in to your account. After you have login fund your account and start trading. To download the app click here and download.

Tips about Superex app

1. Task 1: Bind your Twitter account;

2. Task 2: Bind your Telegram account;

3. Task 3: All cryptocurrencies can be deposited, and the minimum deposit amount must be met;

4. Task 4: In Spot trading, there is no limit to the trading pair and trading zone, and transaction history records shall prevail;

5. Task 5: Contract transactions are not limited to any cryptocurrency, and transaction history records shall prevail;

6. Task 6: The recommended records shall prevail;

7. Task 7: The recommended records shall prevail;

8. Task 8: Every time the total transaction volume of all invited friends reaches 100,000 USDT, you will get ET rewards every 1,000,000 USDT;

9. After completing the tasks, you can get ET, and the ET reward will be in a locked state;

10. Complete all tasks to get a whitelist, and SuperEx will randomly airdrop a large amount of ET rewards to the whitelisted users from time to time;

11. After completing the transaction, ET can be unlocked; The orders used ET to deduct the trading fees will not be included in the trading fee to unlock;

12. After completing a transaction, the trading user and the inviter of that user can share 50% of the unlocked ET amount for that transaction;

13. has the right to adjust the rules and usage of the task centre, and the adjustment rules do not involve ET tokens that have been distributed;

14. has the final right to interpret the terms of service.

Conclusion is an exchange you can trade and make a profit daily. Always invest what you can afford to risk. Good luck 🎱

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