Arizona State University Admission 20022/2023

Arizona State University Admission 2023: The Early Bird Gets the Worm. Arizona State University (ASU) provides students with a wide variety of degree and certificate programs across eight academic colleges and three campuses located in Phoenix, Arizona; Mesa, Arizona; and Tempe, Arizona. Learn how to apply to ASU and find out about the benefits of being an early bird!

Why Apply Early?

If you are an early bird, there is a certain perk to be had when it comes to application time. You can not only lock in your tuition and fees at current rates, but if you do get accepted early, you will also know what campus housing is like before the fall semester rolls around. ASU can accept between 10% and 15% of students who apply by December 1st and almost 40% of students who apply by January 15th.

How to Submit Your Application

To apply to ASU, you’ll need to submit a completed application and all necessary transcripts. The application process is competitive, so keep in mind that applications must be submitted by March 1 for the fall semester. After submitting your application, it will take 4-6 weeks for an admissions decision. If accepted, this date becomes your enrollment date. If not accepted, or if you want to enrol for another term (fall 2020 or spring 2021), please reapply with a new application before March 1 of the desired enrollment year.

Common App Essay Tips

  • Regardless of which approach you take, keep your essay focused on your personal story and be authentic
  • As you are writing, think about what will capture the readers’ attention and make them want to continue reading.
  • You can start with a good opening sentence that grabs their attention or a captivating event in your life.
  • Also, don’t forget to include an outline at the beginning of your essay so that they know what topics you plan to cover!

Tips for Reaching Out to Schools

It’s never too early to begin thinking about the next school year.

  1. While many prospective college students may be busy wrapping up high school, if you know what you want in a four-year institution, now is the time to start talking to admissions officers about schools that could be a fit for you.
  2. Here are some tips for reaching out:
    • Start by gathering information from your counsellor on which colleges would best suit your academic interests.

ASU Essay Prompt, Explain Why You Want To Attend This School

If I am accepted into ASU, I would like to become a math teacher. I have always loved the subject and find it to be challenging yet simple at the same time. Working with students and educating them in mathematics is one of my passions in life.

ASU Admissions Notification Process

Beginning in early October, ASU Admissions sends out notifications of admission offers to qualified students. An admissions offer is not guaranteed, but when notification is received it means that a student has been reviewed and deemed likely to succeed academically at ASU. Once an admissions offer is received, you have about two weeks to accept or decline it for the current academic year.

Arizona State’s Financial Aid Program Overview

At Arizona State, we want to do everything we can to make it affordable for you. That’s why every admitted student who applies for financial aid by April 1, 2020, will be automatically considered for institutional grants and scholarships that can be applied to tuition and fees. This offer applies to in-state or out-of-state tuition (including international students), so there is no need to apply early or qualify academically.

Get Connected with ASU on Social Media and Enjoy the Experience!

Now that you’ve read about admission requirements and deadlines, we would like to say good luck! As a final piece of advice, be sure to connect with ASU on social media. This will be your best way to keep up-to-date on anything happening at ASU. Plus, it’s a great way to share your experience as an ASU hopeful and build friendships with other students in the process. We hope you enjoy connecting with us and enjoying your experience!

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