How Much is Okrika Bale in Cotonou, Benin Republic? 2023

If are Searching for how much is Okrika bale in Cotonou, Benin Republic? Luckily you are in the right place. In this post, we have discussed how much is Okrika bale in Cotonou, how you can get it and how to know the best Okrika bale before you can venture into the business.

As someone that doesn’t know much about the Okrika business, you need to have some knowledge of prizes, quality, quantity and many more before going to other regions or country before venturing into the Okrika business.

You might face some challenges going to another country for business, but after reading this post about Okrika bale, you can never find it difficult when you get there because this post will guild you on many aspects. So continue to read to find out how much you can get Okrika bale in Cotonou, Benin Republic.

About Okrika Bale In Cotonou

Okrika is fairly used items like clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, caps and many more. But some are been packed differently, why some are packed together, like missing some items in a bale? Okrika is also called bend-down select because the price is usually low. The least price you might get a bale of Okrika is about N70,000.

You can get this Okrika in many regions and import or export them to other states. You can also get the imported Okrika bale in several markets in Nigeria, such as a lab international, Main Market, Ariaria market, ogbede and many big markets in Nigeria.

How to Get Okrika from Cotonou

Whenever you are set to get Okrika, you must know what you are going for, even if you don’t know, you can do inquiries. Okrika are in different grades and prices, your budget will determine the grade you can afford.

Types of Okrika bale and their costs in Cotonou

  1. First-class Grade Okrika &
  2. Second class Grade Okrika

1. First class Grade Okrika:

This is the type of Okrika bale that has the best quality and grades. Here you see very new items, you can hardly notice that it’s a fairly used item. The price of it ranges from 200k to 500k because they are very high-quality accessories.

2. Second Class Grade Okrika:

They also have good quality, but you can never compare them to the first-class grade because the difference is clear. This type of Okrika bale ranges from 70k to 190k. Sometimes what you see in the second class might be very good than the first grade Okrika.

How much is Okrika Bale in Cotonou, Benin Republic

Buying Okrika bale in Cotonou will not cost you much, depending on your budget. The first grade of Okrika bale should cost you from 200K tO 500k, and it contains a lot of items and is bigger than the second grade Okrika.

The second-grade Okrika should cost you from 70k to 200k. It has quality items, the difference between both are the quantity of content, but they are all good Okrika.

Note: Best market day to buy Okrika bale in Cotonou is on Monday because they always offload new bales from containers. 

The Cheapest thing you can buy in Cotonou (Shoes)

Here in Cotonou, there are many things you can buy at a cheap rate and where you can get them. Market like  “Marche Dantokpa”, Ankara market, Usual African market, Outdoor shopping marvel and many more. Here in this market, you can buy everything you want at a cheaper rate such as shoes, accessories, edibles and many more.

Venturing your funds into any business in Cotonou, you need to do some market research and know what exactly you want to buy before you start making a move. Good luck 🐎.

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