Trx222.Vip Cloud Mining Site: Sigup, Login, App, Legit or a Scam

Trx222.Vip Cloud Mining Site: Trx222.Vip is an online mining investment platform in which you can make money through mining on their website daily. In this post, we have discussed how the mining site works, and how you can sign up, log in and start singing on the platform.

We also highlight how legit the mining site is and how you can earn more from the comfort of your home. So continue to read to find out how the mining investment platform works.

About Trx222.Vip Mining Site is a cloud mining site that allows investors to make up to 25%  daily depending on their investment package. You will be given Sign up bonus of about 2000 worth of Tron that’s approximately $1350 for free to start mining on the platform. You cannot withdraw the bonus, you can only withdraw when you fund your account. The bonus is just for free mining. New users can invest from 100tron to 500. Why old users can invest from 500tron and above? Investment Package And Daily Returns

Below is the investment plan on the platform.

Register to get 20000TRX

① Investment basic wallet:
vip1 (cumulative deposit 1-2222trx, daily income 34%).

vip2 (cumulative deposit 2222-9000trx, daily income 35%).

vip3 (cumulative deposit 9000-15000trx, daily income 40%).

vip4 (cumulative deposit 15000-25000trx, daily income 47%).

vip5 (cumulative deposit 25000-40000trx, daily income 55%).

vip6 (cumulative deposit 40000-200000trx, daily income 64%).

②Investment promotion wallet:
1-day project: 5% profit per day.
3 days project: 10% profit per day.
7 days project: 20% profit per day.
15 days project: 45% profit per day.

How to Sign up & Login on

To register on the website, visit Trx222.Vip and fill in your details like username, password and email address.

After you have registered, you can log in and fund your account by depositing from your Trx account. After you have funded your account, you can start mining your Tron daily on the mining site.

Trx222.Vip Cloud Mining Site: Legit of a scam? is a new mining site, after our review, we did not find any scam record on the site. Don’t call it a scam. We always advise every investor to invest what they can afford to risk when it comes to online investment sites because we will not be responsible for any loss you might experience on the mining site.

How to make make money on Trx222.Vip

Making money on the mining site is not as hard as you think on this paragraph I will show you tips to make extra whopping cash on the website daily. Read on…

  • Invite your friends using your referral link on WhatsApp at least 5 people
  • Post on your WhatsApp status using payment proof daily
  • Open a group on WhatsApp, telegram, Facebook or Twitter, and name it a legit investment platform
  • Share it on a Facebook public group
  • Always invest wisely


Trx222.Vip Cloud Mining is a mining platform that one can join and make money from home by mining on the site daily. Register, join the platform and see more ways to make cash. Always return to our website for more investment tips daily. Good luck.

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