Zeeka Network Token: Claim Airdrop using Contract Address

Zeeka Network Token is a cryptocurrency which provides a light and scalable blockchain using a zero-knowledge proof of technology. Zeeka network is giving out a token raindrop what more than $10, in this post I will guild you on how you can claim your airdrop, using your Erc20 address and the contract address. More than 2000 applicants on Zeeka token before the test net.

Zeeka Network – Incentivized Testnet Participation Application 2

Zeeka is planning its first testnet (Testnet Chaos 🌪) in the coming months. Help grows the community and build the network, and get future Zeeka tokens as a reward! Fill out the form, join our Discord, follow our Twitter, put ⭐️ on our projects in GitHub (https://github.com/zeeka-network/bazuka) and get a special role in the project that will benefit you in the future 🙂

Join our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/Gja7StWM

Follow our Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ZeekaKv

(Dear miners, don’t forget to get your ZK role from the ⚙-⋄-get-role channel, if you haven’t filled out the form, fill in the form first!)

How to claim Zeeka Network Airdrop

  • Visit their page on Twitter
  • Read the read pin post on Zeeka twitter page
  • Drop your ERc 20 address on the comment box
  • Wait for the day of the air drop will be send to your wallet address
  • Make sure is ERC20 network

Zeeka Network contract address

No contract address drop yet, the information that was given is for you to drop your ERc20 address on comment box and wait for your token to drop.

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